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Vijaydeep Villas, Gyan Vihar Extension, Ajmer

Client: Vijaydeep Group
Scope: Turnkey (Design + Execution)
At Vijay Deep Villas, the exclusive bungalows are designed to provide you a lifestyle that you always wanted. From the freedom of independent living to a wonderful experience of abundance, life over here will be truly amazing.

Experience the poise of light and space for a more open and enhanced living experience. Built for a multitasking lifestyle, the homes are truly functional where every square foot serves a meaningful purpose.

Lavishly spread living room with the privilege of large open terrace area, balconey and common toilet.

Large terrace area with a dedicated utility and powder room ideal for barbeques and friendly gatherings, the capacious terrace can also be landscaped with choicest plants and sculptures.

Project Gallery

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